Monday, May 13, 2013

Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta with Veggies


My family and I go to a local produce store quite regularly. We made a trip there over the weekend and stocked up on lots of veggies. Whenever we have a ton lying around I always think, what can I make with that? Instead of just eating it plain as a side dish or something.. Sometimes I won't know exactly WHAT to do, so I just mix some things together and hope it turns out good. That's what I did today with this, and it was delicious. I'll definitely be making it again. I made a small portion (it made three servings - I had this for lunch and my dad and I split the rest for dinner tonight). Like with some other recipes I posted, this is another one where you can just add however much you like of something. There are no 'exact' amounts..but I will list what I used for my 3 servings!

2 stalks of asparagus
1/2 medium sized onion diced
1 medium tomato diced
1/2 large cucumber
Tinkyada brown rice spaghetti
garlic salt (to taste)
Vegetarian Express Parmesan sprinkles (to taste)

All you do is steam your veggies (add in some garlic and parmesan as it's cooking), while you make your spaghetti and then mix the two together. I don't know exactly how much pasta I used. I just estimated what would be enough for the amount of vegetables I was using. I love pasta, but when I'm eating it with vegetables, I try not to add TOO much just because I don't want the meal to become too heavy. You can use any kind of spaghetti you like, I just used the Tinkyada because it was what we had and it's wheat free/gluten free. I'm not completely gluten free, but when I can avoid it, I try to!

I really like this vegan Parmesan cheese I found. All it is is blanched almond meal, sea salt, nutritional yeast, dehydrated onion and citric acid. It doesn't taste exactly like Parmesan by itself, but it's probably the closest you're going to get to the real thing and when you add it onto something (like spaghetti, or pizza) you really can't tell the difference.

It's a very basic recipe and super quick and easy to make, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!